Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Battle for Open Meetings Public Record Law

Do you know that our Legislature is not under the Open Meeting Law? They removed themselves from this in the 80's. If you doubt me, then call Galvin's office and ask them. Then ask if he supports this and why he has never made it a cause on Beacon Hill. This one transgression against transparency has allowed much to creep in and take over. There simply is no track record. We have seen mistrust and undercover back stabbing secret goings on for 30 years.

I have made it my point to study what is going on for 7 years now. I have made an attempt to keep a record of the public events, public hearings, and public press conferences to try to understand this problem. I have run into every kind of resistence on the Hill. I have the support of my Representative and Senator, but to say they are pushing my cause is slightly a tricky point. They simply stop a fire by getting in the middle of me and the Statehouse, but they cannot stop what needs to be done on the whole. WE the people need to understand that this is a nightmare situation. I understand this but do you??

I cannot get even the crowds I mingle with to grasp this. There seems to be a blindspot on the subject. Instead of seeing the problem they see my equipment, my age, my lack of money, what ever comes into their heads, but they miss the problem. I am explaining the situation and it get's lost. Well, I am going to harp on this until it becomes a song that we are all singing.

The Legislature has to be back under the open meeting law now. It is not healthy for America. We need transparency now. Not next year, or ten years, we need it now. This has to be the mantra of every politician during the election season. We must elect people who understand this. It is a must people. If you do not see this and I am willing to explain it ad nauseum, you are on the wrong team. I don't like you. I don't want you near me. You are not American. Your a usurper. You do not understand accountablility and you are a thief.

Sorry, I will not vote for you. I don't care if you are the lessor of two evils. You need to resign thinking you can run and resign if you are a Politician. Your done in my book. Get over it. Good Bye! Sionara! Talk to me about transparency and I will listen.

In the Spring of last year a petition initiative went around called Fix Beacon Hill. That was a good thing but the wording was too complicated. People agreed but to speak to them on the street and get them to sign was like trying to catch someone on a ski slope passing by. They simply did not want to engage that long. A ballot question needs to be brief , to the point and have a wide spectrum. The narrowing can take place in debate but the issue needs to be stealth enough to effect a conscious grasp of the point. That petition was not clear. It boggled my head but I supported it. I wanted the point on the ballot to see people talk about the subject. They did not get the numbers. I was not aware of the thing in time or I would have helped more. But then I tape and that is a full time effort I do weekly. I wish I was more involved when that was in the planning stages.

Another petition initiative fell through also on the 1913 law overturning. I did not get involved until the end on that one. It takes so much mental strength to do something like that and the harrangatang that went on over the marriage petition put a lot of people on the defeatest plank so it had an effect when another petition was in the works. So again, consequence is real and the lack of tranparency will play out in these ways if We the people do not see the problem is daily transparency on Beacon Hill. Let's make this a cause people. Make accountability an issue in 2010.

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