Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Priorities of Coverage! How to Choose!

March 9, 2010

It is 739pm and I am still at the computer. I have been trying to clean up the last few weeks of work. What got me behind was the 4 day power outage in Hamilton. It started at 3am on Friday and lasted until Sunday about 3pm. Fortunately, I had a place to go to vedge out. But my idea of vedging is taping so of course I brought my camera, only to find myself taping a kids event. What fun I had doing that. But, it did not help my backlog of work. I came home got busy and found myself with piles of work that I could not get at. I had to run to the next important event.

So today, I prioritized and stayed home. I feel like I am making a dent, but it is so overwhelming to be this busy week to week. What did I cover that was so interesting?

It started out with the Judiciary Hearings two weeks one on banning Circumcision, and regulating medical marijuana, Press Shield laws, regulating Court Reporters, and then last week Veterans Committee listened to every 501c3 that donates to Veterans, plus the Bully Press Conference, finding out about Gas Leaks in Telecommunications and Energy, all over Boston, and so many other issues that I just kept running until Sunday I went to sleep like Sleeping Ugly and slept and slept and woke up for Church then slept and slept staying home Monday and today I got up early but around 3ish layed down while a downloading a camera and konked out again for 3 hours. So I'm back in case anyone cares and starting to feel like I have my life back.

Tomorrow, I will go in to the Statehouse and tape again, and at night I have been invited to visit a Show I may be on and then Thursday I have a gig set up with someone to interview them.

So this is a world that turns very fast and days just are consumed by my project. Yes, I am busy and love this but someone else should join me. I am sure there are people who are bored stiff and this is not boring. I put together a Presentation that tells about the project and who I need in the future to make the public affairs network happen. I will be also putting a Money Presentation together this month and that will be used to get bids on the start up costs to launch the Public Affairs Network in Massachusetts.

So if you think you are alone and nothing is happening you need to think about what I am doing with nothing. Something will come of this. You just watch.

Yes it is a priority problem and daily I have to choose what to do that will simplify the day.

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