Tuesday, March 9, 2010



The Brown campaign gave the Shawmut Group a venue to test 2010 and 2012 campaign themes. Heading one state south to run against Ted Kennedy's son was a natural first stop. Cole functioned as Shawmut's point man there the day Loughlin announced his candidacy. Cole's adherence to the Shawmut Group's belief in message discipline was evident when he twice (my point here) tried to cut off reporters after a handful of questions following Loughlin's announcement speech -- an unusual pivot for a candidate who provides his cell phone number on his campaign Web site and who makes it a point of pride to be accessible for questions. Loughlin ended up staying until the last question was answered. ------ Johnson reported from Boston.

This story was on Eyeblast today. I was struck by the Reporter bashing they gave. Yes the Romney crowd does not like Reporters. I saw that tirelessly while he was in office in Massachusetts. So if you think his crowd will support Free Speech when he illusionary that he is somehow is elected, your wrong!

I saw this again this year. I have yet to hear from the campaign that did it. I like elephants because they do not forget. Somethings are not forgetable. Watch out for Romney and this crowd now taking all the kudos for Scott Brown's election.

What actually, happened in my estimation was not their super imposing of a strategy but the lack thereof. People actually came up like a surge of spring water level and just hung out for Scott. This was not a Romney act. But if he wants to get in on the action well take it away! The PEOPLE RUN THIS SHOW not the Hackacrats.

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