Monday, March 1, 2010

Transportation on the Subway as a Senior

I have been relearning the Subway for 3 years. I was very scarred when I started. I have some serious memory problems. I can remember as long as I know the correct way. But learning again at 60 is different than learning at 21. The extra steps it takes to find the correct way can be a killer. I spent many a day in transition trying to find the elevators up and the elevators down and trying to avoid the Stations that had only one.

The MBTA has a book out now that has every detail for examination. I propose each town in the Commonwealth request one and purchase it for the Library System. I propose that that book be put online for a PDF to download. I found it last fall at the Statehouse on exhibit for a Disability Day where they had a set up to renew your MBTA Disablity Senior Cards.

I find the pass for Seniors only allows you to purchase 10 rail rides at once and does not make it easy to budget. I have lost a 10 ride card. I only buy 2 at a time now. I think they should give everyone a card that rides and let them purchase a week at a time. Or that they build turnstyles for the Rail like the T. The Subway gives a monthly pass and that is great. However, I have no idea how that works. I have been getting a pass through when I thought I needed a new one.

So overall the T is the most confusing. They are best at travel times. But very crazy at entrance points. I absolutely hate the long walkthrough at Downtown Crossing and will do anything to avoid it. I get upset thinking about it.

The T Stations are cold and windy. The Subway doors open and close so much that one day delivering a dvd to Newton and returning on the Subway to North Station gave me a sinus infection. I now either block my face like an Arab or take the Rail as far as I can. I hate them for the germs they seem to innoculate you with. I hate the stale air and the obnoxious piss everywhere . I hold my breath most of the time underground. Why would anyone want to work in that scene where one has to go through that maze of germwarfare every day to make a living?

So incase you have not rode the Rail or the Subway in a few years, you can now catch up on what is the accurate description. Walk, take a cab, drive, but when you decide to give that up, this is where you will be at. And if time is money to you, then the chances of your saving money are nil.

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