Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Demon Vote on Capital Health Care

It is 129am and I am not sleeping. I have had my sleep upset for a week now since the rain started to fall like a waterfall. I wonder sometimes if we are not really more connected to nature than we want to admit. Tonight the news shows homes businesses rivers all flooding worse than most have ever seen in a lifetime. But on the Hill in both Boston and Washington the Demons are working hard to make our lives miserable. Isn't it just allegorical, that the vote on Friday Pelosi wants to take is going to be called the demon vote?? Why?? How do we have such a thing on our books?? So right in the middle of Catholic Lent, Pelosi is willing to do this?? what kind of karma is that??

Cahill finally came out storming, that the vote is dangerous to the economy. A Democrat turned Independant is running for Governor. He is really going to be up against his boss and the next few months will play out pretty rough if you ask me as they backstab behind the scenes and on scene. It is March 2010 and not too soon to start campaigning for Hart. Why not when the vote is cast on Friday and when it all comes down he will be looking pretty sweet in November. This is being posted April 2011 and we all know the end of that story.

I see this battle much deeper and wider than one candidate. As I was listening to the Press Club in Washington on C Span last night the speaker who has been researching the T Party has found that this Wave is not the usual wave but bigger deeper and wider than the media are willing to admit. You can only derail a narrow train but a big rail that is running straight at you will need a lot more to stop. So for those in Washington and in Boston who think they sit sweet in their Legislative jobs beware. They will be on the dole with the rest they are pushing to accept health care communist style in November. Trust me this is very serious. Will they get it before Friday??

So if your reading my blog and you want to know the suggestion of my legal analyst jk then you might want to think about this. The whole Constitutional issues that have been harrangatanged the past 5 years and subjected to assault and destroy are what is at stake here. From the President and his birth certificate to the present health care legislation that will be passed by a demon reconciliation vote needs to be objected to by 1/3 of the Republicans and a roll call vote needs to be enacted. Then if they will not listen you bang them into Supreme Court and demand the vote be deemed illegal. Then you demand that Obama show his birth certificate and bang every vote he has acted on to be illegal and you throw the bums out in hand cuffs in necessary.

They are traitors and need to be in prison. This is not a game, this is the fate of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . The people are aware of the problem, that is why they have left their plows and jobs and come in to protest. This will not go away until Washington get's it.

Or we are being taken over subvertly and the battle will rage on the streets. This will not be a passive acceptance. I am very concerned for our government to govern, if they subject the people to this harrassment of their rights. People have not broken out, because they have some hope left that reasonable process will be served. But Friday America's black Friday will determine whether the demons are in control or the free people.

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